Clash of Clans 2018 Tips – Best Town Hall 8 Attack Strategies

Because we all know how hard it is to get three stars in Town Hall 8, we have decided to share with you some attack strategies that you can use in Clan Wars or Village attack.

  • 2 Golem, 18 Wizard, 2 PEKKA, 3 Heal spell, 9 Wall breaker, 1 Poison (Clan – 1 Pekka, 1 Poison)

Widely known under the name of GOWIPE, which stands for Golem, Wizard, Pekka, this is a very effective strategy used in both Town Hall 8 and Town Hall 9. Wizards have a high damage per second and Pekka are equipped with high hit points and maximum damage per second for a ground unit. The good part is that Golem can attract all defenses on himself and because of this, wizard and pekka receive shield from him.

  • 50 Archers, 30 Balloons, 3 Rage Spell, 1 Poison (Clan – 5 Balloon, 1 Poison)

The Rage spell seems to work better than the light spell. This is quite a simple strategy that can be used in clan wars as well. You have three rages to use and we would recommend you to use them mainly close to the air defenses.

  • 20 Archers, 20 Wizard, 20 Hog Rider, 1 Poison Spell, 3 Heal Spell (Clan – 5 Balloon or 5 Hog Rider with Poison spell)

If you want to go for this strategy, please keep in mind that it comes with some risks. The reason for this is that your hog riders could be eliminated by Giant Bombs. It’s better to choose this strategy if you have level 4 hog riders. It’s important to remember that you should deploy all hogs from one side, but at the same time they need to target different defenses.

  • 40 Minions, 120 Archers, 3 Light Spell, 1 EQ

If you aim to have the best army structure for farming, then this the best strategy you could possibly choose. Don’t let yourself be fooled by another troop combo, because they could either cost too much or be ineffective. Don’t forget not to deploy all archers in a single go and try to use the Light spell only if you really need to.

  • 12 Valkyrie, 3 heal spell, 10 archers, 12 Wizard, 1 Golem, 8 wall breakers, 1 poison spell (Clan – 5 Balloons or 5 Hog Riders with a Poison spell)

This strategy is known as GOWIVA, which comes from: Golem, Wizard, Valkyrie. In order for this strategy to be successful, your Valkyrie and golem should have maximum level for this proposed scheme. You have to use archers and wizards to kill the clan castle troops. You can lure them out by easily deploying your golem so that the clan troops will be distracted. If you want to achieve even better results, you can take 5 hog riders or 5 balloons with you in your clan castle.

  • ALL DRAGONS, 1 rage spell, 2 Light spell (level 5), 1 eq (Clan – 5 balloons, 1 haste or poison or eq)

It’s probably almost impossible to fail scoring three stars on any Town Hall 8 base with this specific strategy, so you should definitely try it. This is the best option to choose, particularly in clan wars.

  • 9 Wall Breakers, 2 PEKKA, 12 Giants, 18 Wizard, 3 Heal

It’s extremely important to always check the enemy clan castle before you deploy any giants. Any discovered troops must be killed as fast as possible. With this strategy, you will be able to easily score at least two stars, and if you are lucky and use your options wisely, even three stars.

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