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The recent E3 event had little expectations regarding Sims 5 since there’s still a lot remaining from Sims 4.  Grant Rodiek, one of the developers of the game once commented regarding the game that Sims 5 will not go on sale if Sims 4 will not do good in terms of sale and players support.

We can make fairly assumptions based only on what Rodiek said.  So, Maxis will make the game, EA will publish it only if there’s enough revenue from Sims 4 which was launched in 2014. Official figures haven’t been released, but EA said that the game drawn enough attention from the public, especially fan community and of course made great revenue. We can safely say the new Sims game will be released, and we can predict the date based on previous releases.

It’s hard to come with a whole new game idea and released it sooner than two or three years; unless they already work on the new idea for the past time, since Sims 4 was released.

The current game includes four expansion packs, five-game packs and twelve stuff packs. We should study when this game could possibly come to an end. There have been only nine solid packs launched so it’s nowhere closer to the end.

Maxis have a lot on their table for the time being: fixing current bugs, adding new features and of course bring more interesting packs to the existing game before even considering moving on.

Grant Rodiek said for the PC Games Insider in an interview that the Pets Expansion Pack is not at the end and “pets are simply the start and not the end of a cycle”. If they’ll had two or more expansions or game packs planned Sims 5 could only be released in 2021.

On Sims forums, a gamer with the id agent_bev said that EA and Maxis have a distinct pattern when it comes to releasing new games. He pointed out that Rockstar released GTA5 in 2013 and without doubt, they’ve started to develop Red Dead Redemption 2 in the same time, which is going to be launch later this year.

Sims 5 could be in development, but it will take a serious amount of time before it could get released. Sims 4 life cycle would not end soon, since the fan base has been expanded due to the release on two new platforms: PS4 and Xbox One.

Sims 5 will come without the loading screens and with a larger world to explore. Fans have been complaining about the lack of the second feature, so this becomes a mandatory feature for Sims 5. There will be an incorporated map and other real players you can interact with.

Another basic feature will be letting people have cars and let them drive. There are previous versions of Sims and other RTS games that have this feature. This will only come natural to players.

Parenthood and toddlers are expected to be available on Sims 5 since on previous version this was only available as an expansion pack; although afterwards it became a free update.

Sims 4 doesn’t give players the ability to customize characters at a deeper level; all of this will be fixed in the future game.  This will give each player the opportunity to stand out from the crowd as they can customize the look of their characters as they desire.

EA and Maxis should strongly consider that players never appreciated the idea that they’ll have to buy expansion packs which should be included in the basic version of the game.

The game changer for Sims 5 will support VR gameplay right out of the box. The fact that the game is available on PS4 and Xbox One is surprising, since the lack of controls and freedom, which a PC version offers it.

The new consoles PS5 and Xbox One are the consoles of the future, offering more control and users of Sims 5 will have the freedom. These consoles are to be announced in 2019.

There also the rumors in which Microsoft will add a keyboard and mouse support. This will be a huge change for the consoles. But, no official announcements have been made so far.

Looking back at the releases of previous Sims games, Electronic Arts launched a game every four to five years. A simple math shows that 4 years have passed since Sims 4 was launched in 2014.

2020 marks the grand 20th Anniversary of the Sims franchise for both EA and Maxis; this would be the perfect moment to announce a new game which is available on PC, consoles and VR.

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