Get the Best Score in Subway Surfers With These Tips

Your multiplier must be built up

If you want to get a higher score as quick as possible, it means that your multiplier needs improvement. When you first begin, its power will be at x1, but everytime you overcome a set of missions, the level of the multiplier will get higher until it reaches x30. If you have a full multiplier, your score will be 30 times bigger than usual without giving any additional effort.

You can usually find in a mission to jump a certain number of times, collect a specific amount of coins, pick up some power-up, and more. If you want to see the missions you receive you only need to tap on the Missions button which is located at the main menu’s top.

If you find a mission to be too hard, you can exchange it for coins at the shop. Even if you do that, your multiplier will still be growing.

Your power-ups need a little upgrade.

The 2X Multiplier, the Coin Magnet, and the Jet Pack are what you are looking forward into the game, and they are the best pickups that can increase your score.

To get these power-ups upgraded, you need to spend some coins but do not worry because these powerful tools will be giving it back to you a lot of times more than you invest.

You should get yourself a plan. The Jet Pack and the Coin Magnet should be upgraded first as they will help you to complete missions and unlock more upgrades during your game sessions. After you get your multiplier to x30, you can start upgrading the X2 Multiplier, and you will be delighted to see how your score adds up and how you beat your friends.

You should always have a stock of hoverboards

The hoverboards can usually be purchased with coins, but you can win them in prize boxes as well. One hoverboard will last you for 30 seconds but the most benefit think it does is that it takes one hit for you. If you crush into something the hoverboard will disappear but you will still be left running. Continuing that run does increase your score. It is best to have some hoverboards in hand when you feel like you can’t avoid crashing into something.

While moving forward, you earn a score. That means that in order to make sure that happens, you need to have a stock of 600 to more than 900 hoverboards for when your character runs faster than you can handle.

Collect as many keys as you can

Key is a currency used for continuing your run after being hit or crashing into an object. While running through the course you will spot some keys, and you should get them, but you also get some from the weekly missions and in mystery boxes. The keys can also be purchased with real money, but we do not think you would like to do that. A good run can be kept going for as long as you want especially when you have a good stock of keys.

Practice as often as you can

Every run is different, so if you are counting on memorizing the level and repeating it over and over again, then you need to change your strategy. Every time you practice you will get more sense of how the patterns come and how you should react to them faster. It is not easy to get a high score when you are a beginner but if you keep on practicing you will become a pro in a matter of weeks.

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