AT&T and Verizon To Launch Red Hydrogen One on Friday, November 2nd

AT&T announced that it would launch its new Red Hydrogen One, the world’s first holographic smartphone, on Friday, November 2nd, with an exclusive offer.

AT&T and Verizon To Launch Red Hydrogen One on Friday, November 2nd, with exclusive offers

Red Hydrogen One is the first smartphone produced by the cinema camera manufacturer Red, which would also be the first holographic smartphone in the world. It would cost $43.17 for a 30-month contract with eligibility for AT&T’s upgrade service Next, as reported by Android Authority. That means the total cost of the new device would be $1,295.10.

Verizon will also release Red Hydrogen One on Friday but with a different plan. According to Android Authority, Verizon would sell the world’s first holographic smartphone for $53.95 per month for 24 months, totaling a cost of $1,294.80 at the end of the contract.

Red Hydrogen One Is the World’s First Holographic Smartphone

Red Hydrogen One’s main feature is the proprietary display technology called “4-View” (4V) which is designed to create a holographic experience for the first time in the world of smartphones. According to those who witnessed this function, “4-View” generates an interesting visual effect, even though is not like what we see in SciFi movies as nothing pops out of the screen.

Instead, the holographic effect of Red Hydrogen One is more related to screen depth than to an actual hologram. “4-View” would permit you to see different angles of an image on display depending on how you hold the handset.

Also, the 4V technology would be useless without the implication of devs and content producers. To take advantage of the “4-View” holographic technology, apps creators, as well as content makers, must come up with 4-View-compatible products. Besides, according to AT&T, a series of 4V-compatible movies would also be available once the Hydrogen Network is up and live.

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