How To Have Successful Clash of Clans Attacks With Low Level Heroes

Heroes are incredibly helpful during Clash of Clans attacks. They are powerful and you can use them in multiple attacks, as long as you wait for them to recharge. However, one disadvantage is that it is quite expensive to upgrade heroes, and you need to use dark elixir for that.

Meanwhile, the difference between high level heroes and low level ones is a major once. A maxed out hero for example, has almost twice the damage than one that is at level 20. This means that a hero can determine the outcome of an attack.

The Queen Walk

While maxed out heroes are preferable, it is not simple to get them to that level. If you have the Archer Queen at a lower level you might want to use the Queen Walk. This attack strategy means that you send the Archer Queen surrounded by 4 or 5 healers. The Queen will be able to survive a lot longer and it will destroy a big portion of the base. Once you are done with that stage, you can pull out the rest of the heroes to clean the rest.

However, in order to manage the Queen Walk, you will need to have an Archer Queen that is at least at level 30. If you do the Queen Walk with an Archer Queen that has a lower level, you need to pay more attention to the game. You will have to keep an eye on her health and use Rage Spells in order to help her continue her attack.

Recommended upgrades

When you are upgrading your Town Hall you should make sure that your Heroes are at the right level. For example, before you upgrade to Town Hall level 10, you should make sure that your Heroes are at least at level 15.

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