Clash of Clans Strategies: Important Things to Remember

Clash of Clans is full of strategies and tactics that can help you in getting to the next level. We chose some of them to write this article about:

Dark Elixir Bank

From the moment when the housing space for Wallbreakers increases to the 2 level, you could see the Dark Elixir Troops found their way to the game, with Dark Elixir Barracks. When you upgrade the troops to their highest level, you can bank over 3k Dark Elixir, but even if you’re at a lower level, you could get some liquid. However, be careful, cause farming this elixir is not that easy, so you need to protect everything that you can.

In case they quit…

…and you find abandoned villages, you should know you have found gold. They’re super fun and they also represent the most important part of farming – it’s quite a good strategy. There are many hints – obvious or more subtle. You need to get to know them all to search them in those 30 seconds worth of free inspection time. You can find resources that would look best with you and they’re probably from the collectors, which you now that are easy to get.

Look for:

Tombstones. This is a sign that someone else has drilled the base, and that traps have been sprung. Some of the chiefs may leave them in order to trick you, but we’re not so sure about that.

League badge. Those of the players who had at least on the win in the last two weeks league will have a League Badge. You’ll see when a new League starts, since your own Badge will be blank, with a dotted line. If you see villages that don’t have a league badge, it means that they don’t attack, or win. Which means they’re not active in the game.

Sleeping builders. This game is all about upgrading things – and they do get upgraded, but very slow. So it might be unusual to see an active player that does not have builders busy. You need to look for the “zzz” placed above the builder’s hut. If they’re all asleep, it means that the chief has been gone for a really long time.

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