Clash of Clans TH11 Best Tips and Tricks for A Fresh Start

Are you a new player of Clash of Clans? You are still not familiarized with the concepts of defending your fort? Don’t know where to put your heroes and traps for maximum efficiency?

We have collected some tips and tricks that will give an edge over other players and help you build the best base possible.


It is better to use single-target inferno towers. They will help you protect the artillery great strategy is to use a queen in order to kill the eagle and send the other troops to finish the job. Do not place the inferno towers near the eagle since troop positioning will become unnecessarily difficult.


Your scope is to make your troops as hard to pull from your war cc zone, as possible. The 35 troops your war cc can hold and an eagle will allow you to easily defend your base against a variety of enemy formations.


To protect your eagle from a possible queen attack you should place seeking air mines around it. This will usually produce a massive disaster in the attacker’s strategy and troops. Also to boost the efficiency of this strategy you should use crossbows against ground units. Place archer towers and cannons around the edges in order to kill remaining enemies.


Try to place the bombs produced by the Bomb Tower in clusters. They will deal a high amount of damage to miners and hogs, even though it will not kill them instantly. You can also combine mines with high-damage units in order to kill even the strongest enemy units.


Place the eagle as far as possible from the valuable buildings as the attacker will have to choose what he or she wants to hit first in order to maximize the countermeasure stage. You can place the queen, the king and the cc on opposite sides of the core in order to force the enemy to spread his troops, making them easier to kill.

These tips and tricks will get you started but don’t be afraid to try new and interesting strategies while you learn how to play.

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