Clash of Clans TH11 Farming and War Bases Layouts – Best of Them

Clash of Clans is a war game where your management and strategy skills are put to the test. The game gets more and more difficult as you grow in level and you need to change your plans and strategies according to the additions to each lever. You either crush or get crushed. We came up with a list of TH11 bases. TH11 in Clash of Clans is one of the game’s most important levels. If you want to take advantage of what you have and turn it into the bets, then you must come up with clever and careful strategies.

If you do like other people and do not take in account certain factors, you will make mistakes and waste both your resources and mental stability. You do not want an enemy to detect a sensitive point and use it against you. Now, as you got the basics learned, there are a few TH11 base layouts that we chose and might help you turn your village into the best fortress using these TH11 base layouts. You can become the most powerful clan at the top of the leaderboard.

War bases

  1. Best TH11 War Base Anti 3-StarLayout

This TH11 war base is one of the strongest presence in this level, and you must take advantage of it by effectively placing your traps and using the best strategies. Use the dead zone to your benefit and let the base take care of those nasty Walkyries and Bowlers that we all hate.

  1. Th11 War Base Anti 3 Star / Anti Everything TH11 War Base Design

Even though your attacker is the most intelligent and uses the cleverest techniques, this TH11 is even smarter and more powerful giving them no chance to beat you. The TH11 was the base is a combination between the Anto Dragon and Anti Gowipe strategies. These are some of the most powerful techniques that can be used in this game, so there is no hesitation that you will not win the fight and eliminate the Lavaloonians and Loonians.

The war the base is even greater thanks to the air sweepers and the Eagle Artillery. The castle troops of the Clan are pretty hard to lure out.

If you face the issue of having just one star left, this the base that will take care of it using its powers.



Your resources will be the most protected with this excellent TH11 Farming base that also enables your to get your enemy’s loot. The toughest defenses protect the core which contains the Town Hall, the Dark Elixir Storage, and the Clan Castle. The Air Defenses, great X-bows, and Hidden teslas can be found all around, and no enemy troop will be allowed in. We want the outer base to be luring, and this is exactly what it does.

The base is a great Loot Protection TH11 farming base, and it is the best for the toughest enemies.

2. Th11 Farming/Titan Base 2018 | Anti 2 Star, Anti Lavaloon, Anti Bowler Valk | Clash of Clans

This TH11 Farming base is powerful as well. It has a complex wall structure, rock-solid core, and its structure offers bonuses to the base’s overall defense. Enemies will be fooled to attack this base as it looks vulnerable because of the clear outer layer, but it is just its appearance. This base gives no troops the opportunity to survive.

Even though your enemy uses the best strategy, no strategy is best enough to conquer this base.

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