Clash of Clans: How to Build a Better Base for You?

In order to succeed in battle, you need to upgrade your base defenses and also the troops that you want to send in fights. However, we all know that upgrades are limited by the level of your town hall. Let’s take a clear example: if you want to unlock the goblin units, then you need level 4 barracks. In order to upgrade your barracks to level 4, you need to get your town hall to at least level 2.

We’ve written this article to show you how to build a better base.

When it comes to buildings

There are three big categories of buildings that are crucial for your base: defensive, resources and army. Decorations are just decorative. They don’t help you in any way. The army buildings make your offensive units and your spells. Defensive buildings, obviously, protect your base from the incoming attacks. Resources are those buildings that collect elixir and gold.

When it comes to workers

When you have buildings in mind, you also need to take into account time and worker units. The speed of the worker units is quite important – it shows how fast they can complete their tasks and it’s an important thing when it comes to upgrading your base.

When it comes to the layout of the base

This one is important for the defense of your base. The space behind the walls is limited, so you should leave low-value targets undefended – the barracks, spell factory, army camps and laboratory. The defensive buildings should be arranged around high-value targets, like the town hall.

There is no perfect arrangement that magically will stop all the incoming attacks. You can move your buildings at all times, so you can make adjustments for your base.

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