New Xbox One Console To Come Out In 2019, Reportedly

I know, many of us are already dreaming about the next-generation consoles, Xbox Scarlett (Xbox Two or whatever Microsoft would name it) and PlayStation 5 from Sony, but recent rumors said that Microsoft is preparing a big surprise for the fans in 2019. Reportedly, based on some suggestions, a new Xbox One console would come out in 2019.

While Sony prepares for a new busy year full of announcements, hopefully about PlayStation 5, and new PS4 updates, Microsoft is also working on something big for the Xbox fans. According to some rumors that rolled out online recently, the famous software developer, Microsoft, is working on a new Xbox One variant.

Currently, Sony has won the battle with Microsoft regarding the current-gen consoles, with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro scoring more sales than Xbox One and Xbox One X. So, reportedly, Microsoft is not going to give up without fighting before the release of the next-gen consoles.

Reportedly, A New Xbox One Console Would Come Out In 2019

According to some new information regarding PS4, a new game would come out on Sony’s console, exclusively, so the battle between Microsoft and Sony is still active, although we’re moving closer and closer towards the next generation of video games consoles. More specifically, a Bloodborne sequel might roll out exclusively for PlayStation 4, and that would be a massive kick in Xbox’s butt.

Reportedly, Microsoft might tackle any of the Sony’s move in 2019 with the release of a new Xbox One console. According to the rumors, that Xbox One 2019 model would be the one without a disc drive so that it would provide a digital-only experience. Also, it might come with new features and enhanced configuration.

In other news, Xbox Scarlett (or Xbox Two) might also be announced in 2019, while the deployment of the next-gen consoles, including the Sony’s PlayStation 5, might happen in 2020, according to many analysts of the industry.

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