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Clash Royale November Update Download Available With New Improvements

Expect a new update for Clash Royale. The November update comes with several changes and additions and Supercell has already confirmed some of them. The update will come on November 5th you have some time to find out what it brings.

Balance Update

A video posted on YouTube titled “Clash Royale: Balance Update Coming!” presents all the changes that will occur for the troops. Supercell aims to make the game fair, and a couple of adjustments have been made. For some troops the damage has been changed, while for others speed was adjusted:

  • Royal Ghost: Hitpoints -9%
  • Royal Hogs: Damage -6%
  • Inferno Tower: Hitpoints +3%
  • Skeleton Barrel: Death Damage +62%
  • Mega Knight: Hit Speed faster 1.8sec -> 1.7sec
  • Tombstone: Spawn Speed slower 2.9sec -> 3.1sec.
  • When destroyed, spawned skeletons reduced (-1)
  • Giant: Hitpoints -2%
  • Magic Archer: First attack slower
  • Cannon Cart: Hit Speed slower 1.2sec -> 1.3sec
  • Dart Goblin: Damage +4%

These aren’t major changes, but they will definitely improve the quality of the game. It was a known fact that the Royal Ghost and Royal Hogs were extremely powerful, and this was a disadvantage for many players.

There are some improvements as well. For example, the Mega Knight and the Skeleton Barrel will be stronger during battles, and the Skeleton Barrel received a major boost (Death Damage +62%). The Tombstone also had to be controlled a little bit, since it had a low price and it offered multiple advantages.

Other updates

We are pretty certain that this update is just the first one, and an additional one should come at the end of the month, or in December. We can prepare for an update that will bring bigger changes, such as new game modes, new troops or new challenges for the players.

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