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New Facebook Lite Update: – Tweaks to Increase Performance and Stability

The lightweight Facebook app has been available for Android smartphones for a few years. It is a great alternative for users that have low-speed connections or phones that have low specs.

No matter the version of the Facebook app – be it the main app or the Lite version, users get continuous updates that aim to improve user experience. Today we spotted the latest update for the Facebook Lite app (beta version), which reached

Let’s check out what the update brings this time to the beta users.

Facebook Lite (beta version)

For the users that are in the beta program, Facebook Lite has reached version beta, which brings “Improvements for reliability and speed.” While this version hasn’t brought new features to the app, it does come with bug fixes and tweaks that should increase performance and stability.

Facebook Lite gets continuous updates, and this beta version is available to beta testers who have enrolled in the program. If you are one of the beta testers, you can get Facebook Lite beta from APK Mirror by following this link.

Facebook Lite Features

Facebook Lite also has a very small file size, compared to the main app. While Facebook has around 57 MB, Facebook Lite only takes nearly 2 MB space – the reduction is over 90% in space. The Lite version of Facebook also uses less CPU and RAM for a good experience on cheaper phones that do not have enough power for the full app. Moreover, Facebook Lite works on older phones that are not supported by the app.

As we mentioned above, the Lite version also works on 2G networks and unstable internet connections. It uses less data and won’t show images in high resolution or autoplay videos. Other than that, you will get a fully featured Facebook. The design of the app seems a bit more dated, but it comes with all the features – like, comment, post and browse the news feed.

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Facebook Lite Update Download Available – Improved with Speed and Reliability

The Facebook Lite app represents a faster and much easier way of keeping up with what your friends are doing. This opportunity will allow you to connect with your friends and keep up with your current social network and – why not? – help to evolve it. What is great about the Facebook Lite app’s version is its small size which will allow you to save vital space on your phone’s storage and also you will be able to connect into your Facebook account even in 2G conditions.

A lot of classic features which made Facebook popular are present in this tiny app. We are talking about filling up your Timeline with all kinds of stuff, you can like photos, find out more about people and edit your profile or groups. Here are some specific features: you can find family and friends really easy and you can perform multiple status updates and Facebook’s emojis can be used as to relay what you really want to transmit.

Also, you will get notifications when your friends will like or comment on your posts. Facebook Lite can be used to find events near your area, RSVP to those that you wish to attend and you can also make plans with your friends. When you encounter a photo that you particularly like, you can save it and find it later into your photo albums.

You can choose to follow certain people if you wish to find out more about what are they doing. When you wish to go out into town, you can search local businesses in order to see how they are reviewed, on what hours they operate or how they look like in photos. Facebook Marketplace can also be accessed in order to buy or sell something locally.


Facebook Lite beta Comes with New Improvements

If you have a low- or mid-range smartphone or your mobile plan does not include enough mobile data, then you should use Facebook Lite. Now, Facebook Lite for Android rolled out with new improvements.

Facebook is the most appreciated and popular social network on the planet. Totaling billions of users, the platform created by Mark Zuckerberg is continually updated with new features and enhancements. Now, it’s time for the Facebook Lite app for Android to get upgraded functions and new improvements.

About Facebook Lite

Consuming fewer resources, Facebook Lite offers almost all the functions of the standard Facebook application for iOS and Android. Facebook Lite occupies only up to 2 Mb, so, it’s ideal for users who have smartphones with low storage space, less performing processors, and limited mobile internet.

The app, available worldwide on Google Play Store, lets you use the most important social networking services, including the ability to send text messages, photos, and links. Recently, Facebook also released Facebook Messenger Lite which is the lighter version of the social network’s original instant messaging app.

The standard Facebook app for smartphones or tablets consumes a lot of mobile data. If you are not on Wi-Fi, it would be challenging to make it consume less than the amount of data you’re mobile plan includes. As reported, Facebook uses as much mobile data as 20 videos on Youtube, and that’s huge.

That’s why Facebook decided to release Facebook Lite. Now, Facebook Lite reached the beta version about which we’ll discuss below.

Facebook Lite beta Comes with New Improvements

Facebook Lite, the lighter version of the original Facebook app, is an official app released by the renowned social network for those who use low- and mid-range smartphones with poor processing performance or low mobile data plan.

Now, Facebook Lite beta has just rolled out and comes with new improvements to enhance reliability and speed.

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Facebook Lite Beta Download Available for Improved Performance

Even though a recent survey showed that teenagers are losing interesting in Facebook and that they are moving on to other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, no one can deny the fact that Facebook is still the world’s largest social media platform. The reason behind Facebook’s popularity is quite simple, the app has been optimized so that everyone can use it! In fact, there is a special version of Facebook that is designed for lower-end smartphones and the app is called Facebook Lite.

Facebook Lite

Just like the original app, Facebook Lite ships with a plethora of features that make it easier for people to get in touch with their friends and family members. Not just that, but Facebook Lite users will be able to get in touch even with companies, brands, celebrities and the local groceries store because everyone owns a Facebook account.

Latest Beta APK Update

Since we are talking about Facebook Lite, we need to mention that a brand-new update which changes the app’s version number to beta has arrived. This update is available in the form of APK which means that Android users are the only ones who get to install it. In addition, the update is targeted towards Facebook Lite beta testers.

New Features

Facebook loves to introduce cool features and visual changes with every new update, but unfortunately, this not case for this latest APK. Instead of focusing on new features, the developers decided to tweak out the app’s software in order to help it perform better.

With that being said, Facebook Lite users who want to receive a premium user experience should make sure to get their hands on the latest beta update. Even though the update is targeted towards beta testers, enrolling in Facebook’s beta program is super easy and anyone can do it.

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