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iPhone 2020 Models Would Come With 5G, Equipping Qualcomm Modems

According to research outlines from TF International Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could launch 5G iPhone 2020 models. The 5G modems could be supplied by Qualcomm and Samsung, Kuo says, and the main reason why Apple settled an ugly legal battle with Qualcomm last week is the to have access to 5G modem parts.

iPhone 2020 models would be 5G with Qualcomm modems

An iPhone equipped with 5G will have a faster and more dependable cellular internet connection and could give users the reason to progress from older versions as iPhone sales increase is hindering.

The new 5G iPhone 2020 models would be launched in September 2020, as Apple is usually releasing its new iPhone models in September. However, the iPhones released this September will most probably back current-generation LTE networks.

Kuo declared that Apple might adopt the 5G baseband chips made by Qualcomm (focus on mmWave markets) and Samsung (focus on Sub-6GHz markets) to lower the supply risks, to reduce costs and to have a better trading power.

iPhone sales are not as high as expected, so 5G iPhone 2020 models would boost them

Apple has sold more than 217 million iPhones in 2018, but its best year when we talk about iPhone shipments was 2015, with over 231 million. The company announced in December that it won’t share unit shipments anymore because they are not as relevant to the investor as they were before.

Kuo, who is very popular on the market for describing Apple devices way before they are launched, aims his research at investors in the companies that provide parts to Apple and other user electronics companies. He claimed that 5G could require new designs for many iPhone elements, first being the modem or “baseband chip”, and also its antenna, RF-front end, and main board.

Ming-Chi Kuo also forecasts in a different research note on Monday that Apple is redesigning the printed circuit boards within all its 2019 iPhone devices utilizing a new sort of material to make space for a bigger battery.

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