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Mass Effect 5 and Dragon Age 4 – Game Mode Changes

As the technology and the world evolves, so does the gaming industry. A majors influencer is considered to be the games as a service model, at least for EA.

The future of gaming might become the microtransactions as subscription services are rising. To adapt to games as a service business model is also the aim of BioWare for Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

Michael Gamble, the EA’s lead produces offered arguments regarding this model’s benefits while at the PAX West panel and he showed interest in bringing this model to Dragon Age 4 and Mass Effect 5.

What Michael Gamble thinks about it

Companies used to release games based on storytelling that would set characters into a certain time and place and also release DLC which gave them the opportunity to tell different bits of story afterward. Regarding Anthem, all they want is to offer better new stories throughout the years and why not months after launch. These companies can do this for us with the help of the tools Anthem provides. Gamble suggested that no matter what happens to the game industry, games should not give up on this kind of storytelling just because a new way is cooler or more requested.

Will this be better?

Now, we can debate a little bit on Anthem. It seems like the game is all in for the service model for multiplayer but does not give up the story mode which is what all gamers hoped for.

The story mode of Anthem has been developed in such an innovative mode than it could be expected for more years than before, according to BioWare. The company has also added that Anthem is an evolution of storytelling and that gamers will be so excited by it that they would even forget the older model.


Mass Effect 5 is still Under Construction at BioWare

In a recent statement, BioWare indicated that they are not letting go of the Mass Effect franchise. This is not due to a shortage of games because this Canadian gaming company keeps a lot of properties in their stable. This is just because Mass Effect was released about 11 years ago and it holds a special place in their minds.

A bit of a history

The first two Mass Effect games were able to cultivate a huge fan base, thanks to a carefully thought-of mixture of RPG and action elements. Then, some were alienated by first ending the Shepherd trilogy controversially and then by the lackluster release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, fitted for the next generation of consoles.

Last year, BioWare canceled the plans for a Mass Effect DLC, leaving the series in standby. However, the Mass Effect franchise definitely isn’t dead.

What makes you say that?

In an official blog post, the Canadian game developer stated that their company is working on something related to Mass Effect. We first anticipated that this is in regards to Anthem, their attempt to shift away from single-player modes to an online multiplayer game.

However, those that still look forward to saving the Universe on their own must not lose hope. The company stated that there are some ‘secret teams’ hidden away which are currently working on a secret mission which might be to everyone’s enjoyment.

We know, this isn’t much of a clue, although it is reassuring to know that Mass Effect isn’t dead and buried. It seems that this is the most we can hear from BioWare, at least until they are properly prepared to announce something of substance. It is incredible that the company still bets big on some of their oldest franchises, Dragon Age and Mass Effect and that’s only possible because of the fans.


Mass Effect 5 Update – Game Suggestions and Potential Improvements

Since the most recent Mass Effect game was released back in March 2017, fans of the popular Sci-Fi video game series have been waiting for the announcement of the newest version. At the moment this seems unlikely to happen because the game’s developers are focused on another project. Still, the community of fans keeps on discussing about potential improvements, based on which a game even better than Andromeda could be developed. In this article, we will talk about some possible changes proposed by fans.

Here are some of the suggestions that we have gathered:

  • Instead of allowing us to explore multiple open worlds, the game should focus on the storyline and the characters.
  • The game developers should try to choose quality over quantity, to create a more original set of enemies, with unique abilities.
  • In order to add excitement to the game, the villains should have more complex personalities.
  • Rather than a failed idea of resource gathering, ready-made weapons should be available to collect.
  • The game’s storyline should contain more references to the original Mass Effect trilogy.
  • In addition to pure shooting, diplomacy should be brought back as an option.
  • BioWare should consider adding new alien races.
  • The gameplay must be enriched with more choices that will really matter in the scenario.
  • The game developers could give more importance to the romance in Mass Effect.
  • Gamers should be allowed to choose to play as an alien character as well, in order to see things from a different perspective.

The ball is now in BioWare’s court and it will be interesting to see how the fifth game of the series will be like. If they decide to take fans’ suggestions into consideration, then we can be sure that the new game will be a success.

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