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Playstation 5 Release Date for 21 is Doubtful

Rumors about launching the next generation of PlayStation in 2018 or 2019 are not true, the product might be released in 2021, unfortunately.

The next generation console will be based on CPU and AMD GPU technology, it will have more RAM and more storage than PS4, that’s easy to predict. To materialize the future PlayStation 5, Sony seems to continue to work with AMD and will opt for an AMD Navi graphics chipset in tandem with an AMD Zen processor. It would also integrate the onboard VR hardware and not put as many components on the VR helmet itself.

The 2021 release is still doubtful

While others suggest that 2019 could be a good year to launch the console, Sony seems to want a release in 2021. Sources point out that this date of 2021 is not entirely fixed, because it is such a big project, and programs can change a lot. Moreover, not even the vast majority of game developers would have been informed about the launch of the future PlayStation 5.

Working on other projects

Studios are currently working on the appearance of PlayStation 4. The chances are therefore very small for the PlayStation 5 to be launched before 2021 as it has to be able to handle some games available.

It’s important to note that Sony will not take out PlayStation 4 now or in the near future, of course. The system is still selling well and there are plenty of exclusive titles for it. If last year 19 million consoles were sold, the forecast for this year is only 16 million units, and the downward trend will most likely continue, but people still buy it.

Regarding the future of the PlayStation 5, it is expected to have a slightly changed design and a hardware that will take the most consuming games.

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