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​PS5 will Not be Launched Before May 2020

According to the Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki, the PlayStation 5 will not be launched in the next 12 months. Mochizuki, who broke the internet by revealing the information on Twitter today, has a considerable track record in scrupulously covering on the future plans of Japanese companies who operate within the video game industry.

It gets more interesting as Mochizuki was the one who confirmed that Sony was directing their most majority of 31.1 billion Japanese Yen (£215, 771, 880​) into the development of the PS5.

The disclose that Sony will not launch the next PlayStation for the next 12 months is actually coherent with all the latest PS5 release date official information and all the leaks and rumors.

Mark Cerny, the PS5 developer confirmed that the next console would not be revealed in 2019. A few weeks back a PS5 leak also stated that the next PlayStation will be ready for release in 2020, which was compatible with and April 2018 leak which also claimed that PS5 will launch next year. However, this isn’t saying anything about the rumor from January this year which envisioned that both the PS5 and Xbox Two would compete at E3 2020.

In conclusion, Mochizuki’s reveal is narrowing down the PS5 release date more so. If the console will not be released over the next 12 months, it means that it will be announced and then released from May 2020 forward.

Sony is now sneaking out of E3 2019 this year as it momentary wants to ‘crouch down’ in order to ‘jump higher in the future’ and it is clear that it is utilizing this time to really make the PS5 a true next Xbox killer.

The Japanese creator hasn’t made any statements regarding the absence of E3 2020. The chances of a conquering PS5 reveal at next year’s event in June it feels not just probable but more and more possible.

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PS5 New Leaks: Added Power and Possible Release Date

Almost have years have passed since Sony unleashed the PlayStation 4. The console became a hit, selling more than 80 million units by the summer of 2018.

While a beefier version has been offered in the form of the PS4 Pro, some of the fans are already looking forward to the next member of the PlayStation family. Below you can find a selection of known information and rumors that concern the future device.

Possible Release Date

A possible release date is not yet known. Sony executives have confirmed that the company is already working on the console and the development period could be quite long. A high-ranking Sony employee has declared during an interview offered in May 2018 that the next major jump in graphics could take place in the next two or three years, hinting a possible release date of 2020 or 2021.

Industry sources claim that the console will arrive earlier, most likely during the holiday season of 2019. The claim seems to be based on the fact that Sony decided to skip E3 2019, a choice that has been interpreted by some as a sign that the company is working on a big project.

Added Power

It is likely that the new generation will be able to play games at a native 4K@60fps without any problems. More power is always great but Sony will also take into account the price of the improved performance

Spec List

It is thought that the PS5 will use an advanced AMD processor. Some believe that Sony will pick an 8-core Zen GPU that will be paired with one of the upcoming Navi GPUs that are made by the same company. A bigger storage unit and a 4K Blue-ray player could also make an appearance.

Backwards Compatibility

The decision to remove backwards compatibility on PS4 lead to a disappointed fan base and many hoped that PS5 will be backwards compatible with the previous consoles.

Price Matters

Since the specs remain unknown it is hard to make a reasonable estimation, but it should be on bar with the one of the future Xbox. It is likely that the price will remain affordable as the companies will earn a huge profit from the games that made for the consoles.

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Next Xbox and PS5 – Predictions, Updates and Changes

Both Sony and Microsoft have been talking about the next generation of their consoles. What we know about how the future of gaming will look like is that there is no much time needed to wait until we are able to see the next Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5. The problem is that we do not know the exact date. Some reports suggest that 2019 is the year of their release, some others vote on 2020, but there is no official word to confirm this. There is one brave analyst who claims that the generations we are waiting for will not be like we know them.

According to Mat Piscatella, an NPD analyst, who talked to GamingBolt, the consoles we are waiting for will arrive at us either this year or the next one. Besides that, the model will not be either generational nor traditional. Both manufacturers will get out of their comfort zones.

According to him, even though the differences will be harsh, the companies’ revenue will not go down too much. Somehow he considered that the new things to come would affect the companies just a little bit.

It is not that surprising, is it? When something new arrives on the market, everyone wants to try it so older versions will not be sold as many as when they were new. Both the consoles from Sony and the one from Microsoft are predicted to be compatible with VR systems so who would not be excited for that?

Unfortunately, no concrete information has been released about the launch of either the Xbox or the PlayStation 5, but for sure if that does not happen this year, we should expect it next year. What we know for sure is that both companies are working on creating a better experience for their buyers.

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PS5 and Xbox Two Leaks – Latest Information We Know So Far

The streaming era is slowly the gaming industry. Recent news about the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 came as a confirmation to the statement above. Even though it is not crystal clear what the developer of the next generation of consoles are planning to implement, we can assume it is going to bring us a discless future soon.

Discless PS5 and Xbox Two?

Michael J. Olson and Yung Kim, some analyst, suggest that, according to VGR, there will be a possibility of discless devices. We might not see any physical media involved with these consoles by 2022. By that, we can assume that no disc feature will be compatible with the consoles by 2022. Another part of this story would be that the Xbox Two and PS5 release will not bring them with disc drives.

If you believed in backward compatibility for the consoles mentioned, you might face some disappointment. Taking into account the fact that the previous models of PlayStation used discs, the old gaming discs will no longer be usable for playing. And if there will be a chance of backward compatibility for the next generation of consoles, as a user you will need to buy those games again in another format.

With that being said, there is a little chance for these consoles to go discless in the near future. This would also affect retailers who have a nificant revenue year by year due to seeling discless consoles.

No more PS4?

PS4 already has a date of death set although we were not provided any information about that. The gaming division president of Sony, John Coder, said that by March 2021 we d no longer be able to purchase the PlayStation 4.

The future of consoles is still to be set so until then we need to settle with what we have.

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Why The New PS5 Might Be Release in 2020?

It is generally speculated that the PS5 will be released in 2020 and there are rumors which enforce all these assumptions. Even though PS4 is still thriving, users are searching for more innovative experiences, and the video game industry does not fail to deliver it. A PlayStation launch is as much feasible as promising according to the fast growth of technology.

Will The PS5 Be Released In 2020?

Rumors have said that PS5 could be released in 2018, but we are in the middle of it, and we have heard nothing of a next-generation console. Some people are still hoping for 2019 to be the year of PS5’s launch, and it is kind of convincing but what about 2020?

Keep in mind the gaps between the PS4 and Xbox One including their predecessors. If you remember, we needed to wait seven years for PS4 to be released after PS3 and even eight years for Xbox one to be released after Xbox 360. Taking this into consideration, 2020 seems like an accurate year for the launch of PS5 because it marks seven years since its predecessor came out to the public.

PS5 vs. PS4

No matter how much we would enjoy having PS5 released in 2020, PS4 still keeps its place in the market so such a conjecture might come hard to accept. However, we still have PS4 Pro which’s shelf life is more extensive and it gives a refresher to PS4’s hardware. That being said, rumors will keep spreading, we will still enjoy our PS4 or PS4 Pro and wait for more information.

At the moment of speaking, even though there are both critics and fans of PS4,  it still is a successful console.

Stay tuned for more information.

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