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Pokemon Go 0.105.0 Update with Software Tweaks and Bug Fixes is Now Live

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular mobile games in the world with more than 10 million downloads only on Google Play Store. The mobile game was released back in 2016 and to everyone’s surprise, the game developer managed to keep the content fresh and entertaining over the years. The biggest issue that game developers usually have to deal with is keeping the active player base entertained and the only way to do this is through regular updates.

Pokemon Go 0.105.0 Update

With that being said, Pokemon Go fans should be happy to know that a brand-new update has just been released. The update sports the 0.105.0 version number and it features a handful of software tweaks which improve Pokemon Go’s stability. Not just that, but the update is also packed with bug fixes which make sure that Pokemon Go never crashes in the middle of a play session.

Improved Stability

Even though some Pokemon Go fans might be upset to find out that the new update doesn’t contain any new content or in-game features, the update is still very important. Just imagine how annoying it would be to go out in the park and search for Pokemon only to have the game crash every other minute.

Fortunately, that type of stuff is never going to happen with Pokemon Go because the game developer who is in charge of it keeps releasing monthly updates which improve Pokemon Go’s stability through software tweaks.

Fun Gameplay

Since we are talking about Pokemon Go, we need to mention that this is one of the first mobile games to implement AR (augmented reality) technology. The use of AR makes Pokemon Go super fun to play and this is what gives it an edge over its competitors such as Clash of Clans for example.

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