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Pokémon Go Sales: How the Game Broke Candy Crush and Clash Royale Records?

As of now, the app celebrates its third anniversary. It has been revealed that Pokemon Go has made over $2.5 billion worldwide. 

On the 6th of July 2016, Pokemon Go was released to the public. It practically became a global phenomenon in such a short time. It is true, we are not talking about the same excitement as it was on the first day, but Pokemon is still a huge success, even if there is no hype anymore.

How popular is Pokemon Go?

According to some sources, the game has made $2.65 billion in the last three years, even if it was a free game from the very beginning. Many of the players have never also bought a single microtransaction. If we are to compare it to the first three years of other mobile games, it’s still on the top on the list. Perhaps, except for Clash of Clans, even if the game has not been launched in China yet. There are many games with Chinese and Japanese titles, like Puzzle & Dragons and Monster Strike, that, theoretically, are more significant than Pokemon Go. However, Pokemon Go still rocks.

Pokemon Go counts as a Western game because its developer, Niantic, is based in San Francisco, and Nintendo had to do little with the app. It is clear that the U.S is the primary market for Pokemon Go. It is responsible for about 35% of the gross revenues. Japan comes in the second place, with 29% and Germany on third, with 6%.

When it comes to the operating systems, 54% comes from the Google Play. 1.6% from iPads. The rest comes from the iPhone users.

In spite of its age, and without having China on its side, Pokemon Go was the 8th biggest earner of all the mobile games in June. This year, the game has already grossed $395 million.

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The Developer of Pokémon Go, Niantic Is Suing Hackers

The developer of Pokémon and Harry Potter, Niantic, is going to court. The company is suing Global ++, a company which is distributing hacked versions of its games; the most known one is Pokémon Go. The Pokémon Go developer is saying that Global ++ is a group of hackers that are modifying the versions of Pokémon Go in a way that is fooling the GPS and the location data.

What Is the Story Behind?

For a while, some apps called PokeGo++ and Ingress++ are available on the market, and for the Wizards Unite is Potter++ who is still on the work. The problem with these apps is that the altered games are available for players from unsupported locations, or to the players from rural areas with little traffic. So Niantic’s games are now possible to play everywhere.

Because of that, the company is seeking an injunction to the apps, which means that they will be removed from the market. Also, the whole idea is to prevent Global ++ from taking action and reverse-engineering its code. Niantic and its efforts are going well so far because the Pokémon Go Hub is reporting that the Global ++ is shutting down rapidly. This result is positive and good for the developer of Pokémon Go, of course.

Finally, the official site of these apps, such as official Discord servers, is now offline, and they released an official statement. From the Discord servers, you can read that the company is announcing with great sadness that they will have to shut down in conformity with the legal obligations. They are adding that the ride was a fun one for the entire community, and the memories made are unbelievable. The people who had the chance to be introduced to Pokémon Go will always be close to heart, and they are happy that this change was possible.

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Pokemon Go June 2019 Community Day Will Feature Slakoth And Shiny Slakoth

Pokemon Go remains one of the most popular augmented reality games in the world, and millions of players continue to play the game each day. The May Community Day took place recently, but the first details about the Pokemon Go June 2019 Community Day are already available. The June Community Day will take place on June 8th, and it will feature one of the most popular Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire – Slakoth.

Pokemon Go is one popular augmented reality mobile game

Pokemon Go was released in the summer of 2016, and it became an instant hit among mobile users. The title offers an enjoyable gameplay experience as players are able the become Trainers and amass a vast selection of Pokemon.

Besides collecting Pokemon, players also have the option to battle rival players and visit special zones to collect valuable resources.

The entire Pokemon Go experience is offered for free, but players have the option to use real-world money to buy a selection of useful consumable items.

Pokemon Go June 2019 Community Day will feature Slakoth / Shiny Slakoth

During the Pokemon Go June 2019 Community Day, the players will have the chance to capture the lovable Slakoth Pokemon since it will have an increased spawning rate in the wild. This will allow players to capture the Pokémon and collect a large amount of Slakoth candy. Those who are lucky may encounter a Shiny Slakoth.

If you manage to evolve it to Slaking before the Community Day event will be finished, the Pokemon will receive an event-exclusive move. The move has remained elusive, although some theories can be found on the internet.

Besides the increased Slakoth spawn rate, Pokemon Go June 2019 Community Day players will enjoy a selection of other bonuses during the event. The Lure modules will remain up for three hours instead of the usual 30 minutes time limit. Eggs will also hatch considerably faster since the distance threshold will be reduced by 75%, which is great if you wish to get some of the new Gen 4 Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go: How to Evolve Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon

The last update Pokemon from Generation 4 has rolled out in the famous augmented reality (AR) game, Pokemon Go. The optimization comes with two evolutions for Eevee, namely Leafeon and Glaceon. Leafeon and Glaceon have grass and icy traits respectively, enabling players to exploit Eevee’s abilities, and have first been seen in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

There are two specific ways players can evolve Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon in Pokemon Go. Continue reading to find out which they are.

Pokemon Go: How to Evolve Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon

Evolve Eevee by Using A Lure Module

Perhaps the most apparent method to evolve Eevee into Leafeon or Glaceon is the Lure Module. These modules are at the moment only accessible from the game’s store for 200 coins each. ​Just buy whichever one you want and use it on a close PokeStop. You’ll see that it will attract particular kinds of Pokemon to your region, but select one of your Eevees. Click on the button which indicates that you’re all set, and you will see Eevee develop into your selected evolution.

A few players claimed that they encountered an issue where the module didn’t give Eevee the evolution. However, ensure that the evolution tab is showing a new evolution before you click on it, instead of showing the Eevee question mark sign.

Also, something else to note about the Lure Module: it acts like all the other versions of the game. This means that you can enter in the neighboring PokeStop and use it on your Eevee if another player used it there. Other players can use your module as well.

Niantic announced that the modules would later be accessible through unique research challenges, so if you don’t want to spend the 200, you can wait until the modules are available.

Evolve Eevee in Pokemon Go by Using Its Names

The two evolutions can be acquired by dubbing your Eevee a unique name. This option, however, can only be used once. To activate the trick, you’ll need to change the name of one of your Eevees before evolving it. Just select an Eevee and click on the pencil symbol, then write one of these nicknames:

  • To get Leafeon, name your Eevee ‘Linnea’
  • To get Glaceon, name your Eevee ‘Rea’

After performing this trick in Pokemon Go, the evolution button will show the silhouette of your selected Eevee evolution. Click on the button to transfer the 25 Eevee candy, and you’re set.

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Minecraft Earth AR Game To Mimic The Pokemon Go Style

Microsoft has officially revealed its new augmented reality (AR) Minecraft game which mimics the theme of Pokemon Go. The Minecraft Earth game’s disclosure comes after a taunting announcement midst their Build 2019 keynote.

The unveiling was made a couple of days ago, on May 17th, as the game celebrated its 10th anniversary. Microsoft reports that Minecraft Earth’s first beta will be released sometime this summer, June to August, with pre-registration accessible at the moment on Minecraft Earth’s official website.

There is a specific detail that makes Minecraft Earth so different from all the other augmented reality games, for instance, Pokemon Go or even Harry Potter Wizards Unite. The feature consists in the fact that rather than accumulating or fighting classic monsters, Microsoft’s new game is placing a high focus on collaborative building, in other words, the exact same thing that made Minecraft so legendary, to begin with.

Minecraft Earth AR Game To Mimic The Pokemon Go Style

As claimed by previous details of Microsoft’s upcoming title, players will have to gather resources while going around their neighborhoods. These districts can then be utilized in construction projects on a small scale with their friends, or life-sized partnerships with everyone else in the area.

However, even if the base of the game appears to be made around the construction aspect, there will be a survival perspective to the Minecraft Earth as well. The survival aspect involves warding off creeps, and a breeding system where mobs, which is the game’s term for animals, can be hybridized to form new fantastic creatures for the player’s private or also public creations.

As said by Microsoft’s on-point FAQ, Minecraft Earth will be a ‘free-to-play’ game. The developer doesn’t want to incorporate any sort of loot box scheme into the game either, but some type of micro-transactions is most likely to appear in the Microsoft’s augmented reality game, perhaps sometime later.

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