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Pokemon Go July Community Day Event Available with Squirtle from the Animated Show

Pokemon Go fans should be happy to know that Niantic is planning something big for July’s Community Day. The game developer announced that the upcoming Community Day event is going to feature Squirtle which is one of the classic starter Pokemon that players get to choose. To make things even better, Niantic has dropped some hints which point towards the fact that players might even be able to find a special version of Squirtle in the game once the Community Day event starts.

July Community Day Event

Even though Pokemon Go has been out for a long time now, the game developer has managed to keep Pokemon Go fun for players by creating lots of special events. These events give veteran players a reason to keep coming back for more while refreshing Pokemon Go’s gameplay at same time.

Special Squirtle

Nonetheless, Niantic recently announced on Twitter that players who complete all the Field Research Tasks during the July Community Day will be able to encounter a special Squirtle that wears sun glasses. This Squirtle is referring to the classic Pokemon animated show that had a gang of “cool” Squirtles which wore sun glasses at all times.

Moreover, Niantic also announced that a new set of Field Research tasks will become available once the event kicks off and that they will be focused on the Kanto region which is the latest region to be added in the game.

Launch Date

  • North America (11 AM – 2 PM PT);
  • Europe and Africa (10AM – 1PM BST);
  • Asia-Pacific (12PM – 3PM JST).

The event will be available for a limited period of time and players need to try and complete all the field research tasks in those thee hours. Not just that, but players will also benefit from a bunch of limited bonuses such as faster egg hatching time.

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