Clash of Clans Town Hall 12 – Here are the Best Base Layouts that You Need to Use

The latest update for Clash of Clans introduced Town Hall 12 and this changed everything! Town Hall 12 added a bunch of new troops such as siege machines and the electro dragon which give players new ways of defeating their enemies. However, this is not the only thing that the latest Town Hall 12 does since it can also be used to create new and innovative base layouts. With that said, let’s check out some of the best base layouts and farming layouts that Clash of Clans players can use in order to take their base to the next level.

The Hybrid Base

The best advice that we can give Clash of Clans players who want to improve their base is to never focus all their buildings in one spot. The hybrid base is great for players who love to diversify since it makes it possible for them to protect their trophies and resources at the same time! Let’s say for example you want to farm Elixir, this base layout will help you swap in Elixir Storages in the middle in for Dark Elixir Storage or Gold Storage.

Anti 2-Star Town Hall 12 Trophy

Defense is often the best offense, and this is exactly the model that this base layout has been modeled after. Players who love to push trophies will benefit the most from this base because it will make them victorious against enemies who attack from the bottom side.

War Base Anti 3-Star Layout

This base layout is super effective against enemies who love to attack from multiple sides because it features Inferno Towers in the left and right corners. Therefore, attack moves such as the Queen Walk are impossible to pull off against this type of base layout. To make things even better, the middle paths funnels the enemy’s army.

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