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Why The New PS5 Might Be Release in 2020?

It is generally speculated that the PS5 will be released in 2020 and there are rumors which enforce all these assumptions. Even though PS4 is still thriving, users are searching for more innovative experiences, and the video game industry does not fail to deliver it. A PlayStation launch is as much feasible as promising according to the fast growth of technology.

Will The PS5 Be Released In 2020?

Rumors have said that PS5 could be released in 2018, but we are in the middle of it, and we have heard nothing of a next-generation console. Some people are still hoping for 2019 to be the year of PS5’s launch, and it is kind of convincing but what about 2020?

Keep in mind the gaps between the PS4 and Xbox One including their predecessors. If you remember, we needed to wait seven years for PS4 to be released after PS3 and even eight years for Xbox one to be released after Xbox 360. Taking this into consideration, 2020 seems like an accurate year for the launch of PS5 because it marks seven years since its predecessor came out to the public.

PS5 vs. PS4

No matter how much we would enjoy having PS5 released in 2020, PS4 still keeps its place in the market so such a conjecture might come hard to accept. However, we still have PS4 Pro which’s shelf life is more extensive and it gives a refresher to PS4’s hardware. That being said, rumors will keep spreading, we will still enjoy our PS4 or PS4 Pro and wait for more information.

At the moment of speaking, even though there are both critics and fans of PS4,  it still is a successful console.

Stay tuned for more information.

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