Clash of Clans Farming Bases Layouts and TH11 War 

If you want to play this war game, Clash of Clans testes your management skills and strategy. As the levels go by, the game will get more difficult, and you would need to come up with other strategies and plans. You will get crushed if you do not crush others. If you want to know more about the TH11 Base, now is the moment. TH11 is Clash of Clans’ most important (and difficult) level. To create the best from what you have, you will need to plan your actions carefully and have some excellent strategies. There are some key factors you need to keep in order to avoid mistakes which will only bring you failure in this game. If you want to enjoy this game, we have chosen the best bases for you which are also the best planned. If you use these base layouts for TH11, your village will turn into an unbeatable fortress. You will top the leaderboard after becoming the most powerful clan.

  1. Best TH11 War Base Anti 3-StarLayout

If you know how to use this TH11 war base in means of effective trap placements and some well-planned strategies, you will turn this strong base in Town Hall 11 into your best advantage. If you want to secure your last remaining star, find out where the dead zone is as it will keep your enemies for targetting the core and also prevent damages which might be brought by Valkyries or Bowlers.

  1. Th11 War Base Anti 3 Star / Anti Everything TH11 War Base Design

No matter how clever, well prepared and attentive your attacker is, this powerful base will not let you steal your assets. The anti-Dragon and Anti-Gowipe strategies are combined into this TH11 war base creating the best conditions for winning. One of the powerful techniques and most used as well are the Gowipe and its siblings such as GoWiWi, but as they will be used, the base will fight them. The bloody Lavaloonian and Loonians will be taken care of by the Wizard Towers and air defenses.

The war base is even greater with the additional Air sweepers and the Eagle Artillery as well. The Clan castle troops will last you that battle.

This base will best take care of your last star and will make your clan hard to defeat.

  1. Best Th11 War Base Anti Valkyrie Base Design

The advantage of your attacker is that the Double bombs will no longer be efficient during the TH11. However, those nasty Valkyries will not resist this base’s power. This base turns into an Anti-Valkyrie base when you place traps in the most unpredictable places and all over the base. Before reaching the core, the danger component will already be out of sight.

  1. Town Hall 11 War Base Layout Anti Miner, Anti Bowler, Anti Valkyries

The Bowlers and Valkyries are most of the time the conquerors of the TH11 war bases, but with this one, they will not even reach to take out their weapons. The most unpredictable on-traps and the open spaces are all over the base to take care of the Bowlers, Miner, and Valkyries. The way the inferno tower is strategically located will bring down the troops of your enemy in the blink of an eye but to do so, and you need to set it in the multi mood. This gives it the possibility to deal with the damage it receives by killing more enemy troops as a time. If you do not make sure this setting is available, the inferno tower will turn into a weak spot and an advantage for the enemy to annihilate your base.

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