Clash of Clans Best Attacking Techniques For Winners

The troops you need to choose for a battle in Clash of Clans

A significant advantage Clash of Clans offers its players is the possibility to choose the troops they want to fight with. Before doing that, you should decide what you need more. Trophies or resources?

If you need to keep your resources high, then you should go in a battle with the archers and the goblins. Air lunches, guns, and other defenses can be destroyed by this troops as well. There is not always need for the big ones. If gaining trophies is not your primary goal, then you can sprinkle in some barbarians as well, but only go with archers and goblins. Many of them.

If you are a trophies hunter, then the town hall should be in your sight. You can find it at the center of the village in the game. In order to destroy walls and defend yourself, you should have significant amounts of wall breakers and giants, in order for your plan to work. Barbarians and archers can support a bit of the fight too.

How can you choose the best opponent?

Now that you know what resources to use and where to aim for each type of goal, now it is time to choose your opponent. Before going into a battle head straight, you should take a look at the village of your enemy and see how it was built and how pronounced it is. Besides that, you should use a barbarian or an archer to test if donated forces can be found in the castle. If the enemy village is better built than yours and it uses stronger defense, maybe you should search for a different one as you will not get a victory in a battle with this enemy.

Take a look at these Clash of Clans tips and tricks:

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