Top Clash Of Clans Tips For A Successful Town Hall 10 Attacks

Clash of Clans is a strategy game, but in order to be successful, you must improve your strategies constantly. The difficulty of the attacks will be influenced by two factors: the league in which you are and the level of the Town Hall.

Today we have prepared some attack strategies for players who have a level 10 Town Hall. As you already know, each Town Hall level unlocks different troops and defences, so it is important to adapt yourself.

Three stars are not the norm

Obviously, we all want perfect attacks, but the truth is that it is not simple to get three stars. In fact, if you get at least one star (and enough resources for troop training), you can consider the attack successful. Choosing the enemy that you want to attack is the most important step. You shouldn’t attack the first base you see. Keep looking until you find a rival that ca be defeated. You should also look for someone who has plenty of loot available.

The QW Hogs Strategy

This is one of the most well-known Clash of Clans strategies for Town Hall level 10. This strategy is not too complicated. You should make sure that your Archer Queen is above level 35. Send her in, followed by five healers, as well as some wall breakers. Once she managed to clean one quarter of the base, send in Hog Riders from the cleaned side of the base. Use potions to keep them alive.

The QW Miners strategy

This one is quite similar. You need to use the Queen on one side of the base and the Barbarian Archer on the other side. They will clean the trash areas. All your troops have to be miners, and they should be sent in the middle.

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