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Will an iOS 11.4 Jailbreak Happen? A Research that Works for Alibaba Find Two Bugs

Right now, iOS 11 users have only CoolStar’s Electra tool to help them in reliably jailbreaking. This software works with iOS11.3.1 and so on, until iOS 11.4 beta 3. There are a lot of people who are anxiously waiting for a jailbreak tool that will work for the 11.4. However, the future doesn’t look so bright, although a security researcher kept in high praise keeps our hopes alive.

Enter the Spark

A security researcher working for Alibaba, called Min ‘Spark’ Zheng held a presentation during the Defense Conference 26. This is a hacking conference which happens regularly in Las Vegas and Mr. Zheng took the opportunity to showcase two new bugs which occur in the iOS 11.4. It didn’t take long for the ‘Spark’ to ignite the audience and so we see a blaze of speculation about a possible iOS 11.4 jailbreak release.

It is possible that we will see it happen as soon as iOS 12 hits the stores sometime next month. The complete presentation, called Fasten your seatbelts: We are escaping iOS 11 sandbox is available on GitHub and it suggests that the presented bugs were reported to Apple in August. After two patches, they are still there.

Min Zheng is a security researcher so we might not see anything from him. However, there is possible that someone else will take advantage of this vulnerability.

Azad at last

A talented developer by the name of Brandon Azad is expected to share its piece about the potential jailbreak sometime next month, at a conference in Hong Kong. There, he will demonstrate how to use one of the bugs in iOS 11.4, one which Apple supposedly fixed in iOS 11.4.1. While we don’t know for sure if it’s going to happen, the iOS 11.4 jailbreak isn’t impossible to happen.

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iOS 11.4 Downgrade No Longer Available – iOS 11.4.1 Has Been Already Released

Not long ago, iOS 11.4.1 was released by Apple and it includes some performance improvements and bug fixes. Following this release, Apple has stopped signing the previous version of iOS, which means that it will no longer be available to consumers. With iOS 11.4 not being signed anymore, all users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will not be able to downgrade to this version from now on, thus also making jailbreaking impossible.

How is this affecting the jailbreaking community?

We all know that when the tech giant decides to put an end to an older version of iOS, jailbreak users are the ones that are affected the most by this. In recent times, jailbreaking has made quite a recovery, as it has had noteworthy releases for the most recent iOS versions. However, the fact that iOS 11.4 has stopped being signed by Apple could pose some problems to the jailbreaking community, as all efforts made so far could have been in vain.

Apple is known for regularly stopping the signing of older versions of software updates once they have a new release, so that customers will be motivated to keep their operating system updated.

What’s next?

As we mentioned before, iOS 11.4.1 is now going to be the only version of iOS 11 that users will be able to install on their iOS devices. At the moment, we do not know if any other iOS 11.x releases will take place. What we know is that Apple is only beta testing iOS 12 and the new operating system is expected to launch later this year. Also, public beta testers and developers can already download iOS 12.

Nonetheless, if you have a jailbroken device and you still haven’t made the update, we’d recommend you to ignore it for now, as the latest update from Apple does not have a jailbreak available yet.

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Downgrade from iOS 12 beta, iOS 11.4.1 and 11.4 to the 3rd beta version of iOS 11.4 for Jailbreaking the latter

Curious to see how you can jailbreak iOS 11.4 beta 3 by using Electra 1.0.3 on iPhone X and older versions with the same operating system (8, 8+, 7, 7+)? Read this article further and you will find out some information about the process.

Ever since they found out that the Electra jailbreak only works on iOS 11.4 beta 3 and that Apple still isn’t willing to stop singing the iOS 11.4 beta 3 IPSW, many iPhone users are trying to downgraded and reach the compatible operating system version.

They are planning to get the 11.4 beta 3 version on their mobiles and start performing the jailbreak, but no matter what tricks they use, the process is always failing. For downgrading, some users were counting on shsh blobs, while others thought that Xcode could be a better idea.

Successful Electra jailbreaks require iPhone downgradings

Up until a point, all jailbreaking tools were unsuccessful. Recently, some innovative experts figured out a solution for successfully downgrading from iOS 12 beta to iOS 11.4 beta 3. Furthermore, he managed to jailbreak the device by using the Electra tool (we are talking about an iPhone X).

In case you decide to apply this method, you should hurry. Nobody can tell when and if Apple will decide to close the singing of iOS 11.4 beta 3.

How to downgrade your phone and perform the Electra jailbreak

The downgrading process is not that complicated; you can do it even if you are not a tech guru. However, it’s not a piece of cake either, because you have to follow some important steps for installing it properly and making it work.

We think that it’s better if you see how experts do it before you start, so we are sharing the link of an online tutorial about downgrading. You can find a lot more; look them up, learn and start practicing.

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Cydia Tweaks That Are Available for the iOS 11.4, iOS 11.3.1 Electra Jailbreak

Electra 1131 has been released four days ago and it’s famous for being the jailbreak available for iOS 11.4 and iOS 11.3.1 through iOS 11.2. It was already used to jailbreak 130,000 devices. There’s no doubt that it’s a very demanded tool. Let’s also not forget about the numerous numbers of tweaks (and apps!) that will be available to you once you jailbreak your device.

However, you need to understand that not all of them are compatible with the new versions of iOS that could be jailbroken. Some of them are, indeed, overcame by the advancements from the operating system, and others just need an update from the developer. This could make Cydia a difficult thing to handle. However, if you know which ones are a yes-go to install on your device, the apps and tweaks are very well welcomed.

We already have compatibility lists for the existing Cydia tweaks

The first one is given by the team which is behind the Electra 1131 jailbreak and it’s compiled in Google Spreadsheets. This sure means that it’s the real deal. The title of the spreadsheet is “iOS 11.0 – 11.3.1 Cydia Package Compatibility”, but don’t worry, it also works for iOS 11.4

The second one (which is also the better one), is a web app which is called Tweak Compatibility Checker, which is hosted at jlippold’s GitHub. This helps in getting the data directly from the users of the jailbreak app. This one is perhaps better as it covers the versions of iOS from iOS 7.1.2 to iOS 11.3.1 and iOS 11.4. This lets you look for specific tweaks. Or you can filter them considering the iOS version. You can sort them the way that you want, and we think is so much easier this way.

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iOS 11.2 to 11.4 Beta Branch 3: How to Jailbreak Without a Computer

While the heyday of jailbreaking is long gone, some users still jailbreak their devices for a variety of reasons. Back in the days, jailbreaking your device allowed access to a variety of tweaks and options which would have been impossible to access or change. You could install non Appstore apps, check internal specs like RAM, and personalize your theme and font and so much more.

Today the selection is much more limited as Apple made it clear that they do not enjoy allowing users to tinker with their iPhone. Jailbreaking still remains attractive and we will learn how to easily do it today.

What you should keep in mind:

Electra will not work if your iOS device was recently updated to version 11.4.1. If that is the case, a downgrade possibility is only available for iPhone models between iPhone 7 and iPhone X. The reason for this is the fact that signed versions of iOS 11.4 beta are still available only for this devices.

How to Jailbreak step by step:

Stage 1: Begin by opening on your browser. Search for and install Electra 11.3.1 MultiPath. Proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2: Enable Developer mode via: Settings/General/Device Management. Once you reach that point type on  ” Trust DingshengcaifulInvestment Management,” then select “Trust”. Congrats, you are now ready to proceed towards the final stage.

Stage 3: Freedom is just two taps away. For the final step open Electra from the home screen and check that the tweaks button is set to ON. Then, simply tap on ‘’Enable Jailbreak’’ and wait.  After one or two minutes, your iPhone will reboot, and Cydia will now be available on your homes screen. Tap on Cydia and feel free to explore and install whatever catches your eye. Enjoy!

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