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How to speed up your iOS device

Is your iPhone is no longer as fast as it used to be? Let’s show you how to speed it up.

With more loads, apps, and media on your device, it’s bound to slow down to a frustratingly snail crawl.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to splash your money on a new IOS device because you can easily speed up your IOS device by making little changes.

Speed up your iOS device with these effective tips

Follow our tips below on how to speed up your IOS device and in a few minutes, you’ll be surprised at the performance of your device.

Turn Off iCloud Backup and Sync

As a standard, all IOS users will need to login to their iCloud account on an IOS device. iCloud helps with automatic backup and sync of media, files, and passwords.

While this process is quite essential, it is also a huge resource consumer and can easily slow down your IOS device. You don’t have to back up all your files all the time. You can easily turn the feature off and then on again when you need to backup important changes. To do this:

  • Go to App Settings > tap on iCloud > Log in to iCloud > Disable Sync
  • Turn this option off for photos, calendar, contact, and iCloud backup

Uninstall Seldom Used Apps

The truth is, most of us install apps we need for just a once in a while kind of operation and then leave them lying around. If you have an app that you hardly use, you probably should uninstall it as the more apps you have on your drawer, the slower your IOS device will become. To uninstall an app:

  • Press and hold the app until an X symbol appears
  • Tap the X symbol, and the app will be uninstalled.

Clear Safari Cache

Safari stores a lot of your browsing data. These data are mainly stored on your device so safari can give you more personalized browsing experience. The price you have to pay for this is the slow loading speed.

To speed up your phone and consequently safari, you’ll need to get rid of these data from time to time. To clear stored data;

  • Navigate to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data

Turn Siri Off

If you don’t use Apple’s smart voice assistant regularly, you should turn her off. Siri consumes more CPU space and power than you can imagine. To turn Siri off:

  • Navigate to Settings > General > Siri, and toggle off Siri.
  • When asked to confirm if you want to turn Siri off, click on the turn off button.

Sluggish devices are quite frustrating, follow the above tips and see how much your IOS device would pick up speed again.

Hope you find this helpful?

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iOS 13 Could Bring Significant Improvements To iPad Tablets

Apple has declared countless times that the iPad can replace conventional laptops. That is partly true since the potential is there, but a few changes are needed before the iPad can compete with the big players, including the MacBook. In most cases, an iPhone can handle the same tasks at a faster rate, and many users prefer the snappier experience, a fact which leaves the iPad stranded somewhere in the middle of the road between entertainment device and productivity tools (a classic jack-of-all-trades situation). The case could change drastically when iOS 13 arrives.

Below you can find a list of iOS 13 features which have the potential to make the iPad better.

iOS 13 can make the iPad become a real substitute for laptops

Dark Mode in iOS 13

Those who own a MacBook can enjoy the dark mode which arrived with macOS Majove. It is likely that Apple will add the long-awaited feature to iOS, a move which has the potential to make lots of fans happy.

Refreshed Files app

The Files app is working well, but it does miss a few features. A revamped app would make the user experience better, while also boosting the productivity capabilities of the device.

Increase the multitasking performance iPad with iOS 13

While side-by-side multitasking is quite enjoyable, it is time to aim higher. The next update should allow each app to show at least two files simultaneously. For example, users should have the option to compare and edit two Word files at the same time, a feat which would be quite impressive.

Improved support for external displays

Users can connect their iPads to a larger display, but the potential is wasted by the fact that you can’t do too much. Yes, you can mirror the screen on the second device and enjoy Netflix on a bigger screen, but this isn’t too impressive. There are several productivity features which could be added to iOS 13, including the ability to move applications to the other display.

It remains to be seen if any of these features will make an appearance when Apple releases the new version of the popular operating system, the iOS 13.

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Apple Is Reportedly Working On A Regular iPad and A New 10.5-Inch iPad 2019 Tablet

It is already known that Apple is working on the next generation of iPad devices and the internet is filled with rumors about the upcoming tablets. A popular source claims that Apple will release a regular 10.2-inch iPad and a new 10.5-inch iPad tablet that would not be a part of the iPad Pro range.

The source is quite reliable since information offered in the past was confirmed by the official announcement which arrived at a later date. The same source notes that the devices won’t be released at the same time.

It looks like Apple wants to offer a more affordable version of the iPad Pro, which should convince more users to opt for a device with a bigger screen. The supposed price range is unclear at this point, as it could vary between the $329 price for the basic iPad models and up to $799 if we are looking at the latest iPad Pro models which were released in 2018.

Apple is reportedly developing a new 10.5-inch iPad 2019 tablet, not part of the iPad Pro lineup

The same source leaked the name of the 2018 iPhone smartphones before anyone else managed to find out about them and anticipated that the 2018 iPad Pro would have a thickness of 5.9 mm.

Other sources believe that the staple 9.7-inch model will be offered even if Apple is pushing larger displays. Some claim that Apple will be maintaining the looks of the previous generation. That should be great news for some users since it may mean that the tablet will arrive with the iconic headphone port, a feature that has started to disappear in the recent years, as Bluetooth headsets and headphones continue to grow in popularity.

A more extensive selection of devices could be beneficial for Apple since tablets with a bigger screen could attract some users, but who do not need the additional power offered by the Pro versions. A revamped iPad Mini 5 is also expected to be announced at some point. Some announcements could be made during an upcoming Apple conference which is scheduled for March 25th.

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iOS 13 Won’t Support Older iPhone Smartphones, Reportedly

An Israeli site came up with a very concerning rumor for the owners of some older iPhone smartphones. According to the portal, iOS 13 won’t support old iPhone devices, from iPhone 5S to iPhone 6S. Apple did not confirm the rumors, so we should take it with a grain of salt until the Cupertino-based company comes out with an announcement in that regard.

“The company is currently completing the process of building the operating system, iOS 13, which will be presented for the first time at the company’s annual developer conference, the WWDC 2019, which will take place this June. According to previous years, the update is expected to be released to all users for free in September, together with the launch of the new iPhones,” the Israeli site, The Verifier, stated.

“But just before we get a look at the next update of the iOS 13 operating system and what the innovations will be, we can say today that the company will lower support for several iPhones and iPads that will not be updated,” the news portal continued.

Reportedly, iOS 13 Won’t Support Older iPhone Smartphones

The Verifier, the Israeli site that came out with the rumor that iOS 13 won’t support older iPhone smartphones and iPad models, also presented a list of the devices that won’t get the update. According to them, the following iPhones and iPads won’t get iOS 13:

  • iPhone 6s Plus – Update is in question
  • iPhone
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE – Update is in question
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad mini 4 – Update is in question
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPod touch 6th generation

We should not take this rumors as true, at least not until Apple confirms it. However, The Verifier provided some accurate news regarding Apple and its iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. If indeed iOS 13 won’t support iPhone smartphones, owners of devices from the list above would have nothing else to do than use iOS 12 versions or upgrade to newer iDevices.

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New iPad and iPod Touch Models Hinted By iOS 12.2

Over the last few years, Apple has changed its iPad lineup with experimental designs and technical specs. The Cupertino-based company has finally reached a final version of iPad Pro. The last year’s iPad Pro 2018 models (iPad Pro 2018 12.9 and iPad Pro 2018 11) were both very performant devices on the insides and great looking on the outside, as well. Now, Apple seems to be working on new iPad and iPod Touch models, according to some references which say that the iOS 12.2 hints to that.

In the Apple store, we see the latest iPad Pro 2018 models, as well as the iPad Pro 2017 devices which boasts less performant components than their last year’s counterparts. Besides them, there is also the iPad Mini 4 which is already a little less than a 4-year-old tablet and packs even lower technical specs.

Now, however, a well-known iOS tinkerer thinks he discovered some references in the new iOS 12.2 version, which hint to four new iPad models and an iPod Touch device.

iOS 12.2 Hints To New iPad and iPod Touch Models, Reportedly

According to Steven Troughton-Smith, the one who discovered the iOS 12.2 references to new iPad models, the latest iOS version hints that Apple is planning to launch four new iPad devices. Most likely, there will be only two iPads, both of which would come out in their WiF-only and WiFi+Cellular variants.

“In theory, iOS 12.2 references four new iPads in WiFi & Cellular variants (perhaps mini, and 9.7″?), all without Face ID, and a (seventh-gen?) iPod touch with no Touch ID nor Face ID,” wrote Steven Troughton-Smith on Twitter where he also added the following pic:

Most likely, according to many Apple fans, the Cupertino-based company will roll out a new iPad 9.7-inch and the iPad Mini 5 (also mentioned in another recent leak), the direct successor of the iPad Mini 4 which launched in 2015. Besides, the iOS 12.2 also hinted to a new iPod Touch model.

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